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06 January 2005



Hi Neville,
Yes, that to me is what makes this such an interesting experiment. I never really understood why there was such skepticism at first, or outright hostility even to the idea. Did nobody really believe Marqui was giving up control over "their" message? Did everybody believe that getting paid to blog was suspect in any shape or form?

As I understood it from Marc Canter, bloggers stating their connection for instance has always been part of the deal, what's more Marqui apparantly made it obligatory to do so.

Giving up control, or at least the fantasy of being able to fully control the message, is something that Marqui is experimenting with, and a lot of other companies (especially SME's) are starting to think about. Not in the least as the result of the DM backlash I think.

I am very curious how this first experiment will develop. And I sure hope we are going to see a lot more of similar activities. To me this is not the corporate world commercialising the ideal safe haven Blogosphere, but bloggers, skilled in having meaningfull conversations, bringing that mentalitiy into the corporate world.

This experiment will hopefully break down the too common belief that money is only to be made along intransparant and almost dishonest ways. If we can have meaningfull conversations, and make a buck doing that in the open, that would do a lot of good to the corporate world, not only image wise, but mentality wise as well. And you and I with a leg in both have not only opportunity here but responsibility as well I think.

And no, I am not a Marqui blogger ;)

Eric Eggertson

Neville: I was just reading in Lee Lefever's blog Common Craft that Microsoft was iinvolved in an experiment with a new watch/information reader for which they are providing the wireless content. Everyone in a business admin. class gets a watch, and as part of their school assignment has to set up a blog and write about the watch on it. MS doesn't manufacturer the actual watches, but they provide a fee for service news feed that shows up on the watch face. And I guess the bloggers can be as complimentary or critical as they want. I'm not sure about the ethics of making blogs about new products a required assignment, but it's interesting nonetheless.


Neville Hobson

That's a good analysis, Ton.

In the podcast interview with Stephen King, he also talks about what deals like Marqui's means to PR and marketing agencies. Like blogging for some in the PR community, it will scare many of them as they will need to re-define their approaches.

Indeed, if I were running a traditional PR agency with clients in the tech industry, I'd be rapidly differentiating myself from the crowd, analyzing what I need to change in my business model and in how I currently operate, and looking at what I need to do to work in new and interesting ways with companies like Marqui.

It's all about change.

Neville Hobson

Eric, thanks for that link.

Very interesting. It's always easy to bash Microsoft (and plenty of people do all the time) as the big staid monolith. Yet they are amongst the most innovative companies on the planet, in what they make and how they go about so many things.

Lee's article is a great example of a great approach to participatory communication.

Lee's comment is equally interesting re the suggestion to students to use Blogger for their blogs!

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