14 January 2005

Solid blue banner not so good

(Using ecto again as BlogJet doesn't support mutliple blogs on the same account. Big weakness of that program.)

Using the banner from the main blog just doesn't look good here with the solid blue across the whole screen width. Plus re-creating it again, I didn't do the height the same so the overall solid look was way too much.

I've reverted back to the text headline as I re-think some more.

Blue text (2D5781) on a white background. Getting a bit closer to how I think I want it, but too much white overall. Added the faint silver tint (F2F2F2) to the left and right columns as per the main blog. The idea here is to help focus the eye on the main content in the center column. But, that white headline/banner background makes for too much white.

More experimenting tomorrow.

Drew dropped in earlier, left a comment in the previous post. Nice. Took me a bit by surprise, though, when I saw the Gmail notifier popping up with the comment notification from TypePad as I thought this blog wasn't on any radar screen. Obviously is :)

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Thinking about the banner

(I'm posting this using ecto for Windows, see how it works in this blog as part of the profile that ecto recognizes.)

So, re the banner.

One of the things I've not been able to figure out in TypePad is how to center the banner image. Whatever I do, it just won't center.

What I'm going to try is to recreate the current one with a transparent background, so you'll just see the title and the laptop-typing image. Then, I'll set the banner background colour to what it currently is on the main blog.

Then it won't matter too much if it's not centered. I think.

See what happens.

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Full width display

The template for this blog is a 3-column one, which I've customized so that the blog displays across the full width of the screen rather than in the narrow columns that are so common on blogs.

The settings are these:

  • Left column: 200 pixels
  • Center column: fluid
  • Right column: 200 pixels

I like how it looks. My main blog has the same left and right column settings, but the center column is set to 500 pixels.

Before I make a change (and I will), I need to re-do the graphic banner on that blog. It's designed to 900 pixels width. I think I'll need to do one of two things:

  1. Either keep it as is but ensure the banner background behind it is exactly the same colour; or
  2. Think up something entirely new.

I'll likely experiment with it here!

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Just setting up

I've just set up this new experimental blog as a place to try out some things, mostly design and layout ideas.

I've not really explored all the options TypePad offer in this regard, and I don't want to mess around with my primary blog.

So let's see what develops here.

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