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17 February 2005


Jonathan Marks

file transfer feature of Skype is also brilliant...no limits to size. I transfer 70 MB to a colleague and we talk through the rough edits across the Atlantic.

Stuart Henshall

Neville, It certainly isn't a Skype killer in it current form. I added you to my "buddy" list. Oops.... you didn't know that did you! The only thing it offers is a cheap US number at the moment and the GIPS voice engine. So we can say.. in limited testing that the audio quality is close if not the same as Skype. On other aspect that is glossed over. It looks Skype like, however it is SIP and I beleive all calls are routed through San Francisco. How it will scale is anyone's guess. If you dig deeper you will find they will "build" a version for you. Thus while the "consumer" offering is what we see today, they may actually be targeting an enterprise solution.

Josh Hallett

Currently there is no Mac client :-(

Neville Hobson

Stuart, I agree, it's definitely not a Skype killer, not in its current form. Pretty good call quality, as our call illustrated. I plan to continue trying it out, but Skype will remain the primary VoPI app that I use. No chat feature nor (re Jonathan's point) file transfers.

Josh, you'll have to stick with Skype for the Mac.

One other thing. When you install Teleo, it runs automatically every time you start Windows, from a key in the registry. No way to change that, that I can tell. Not a nice way of behaving.

Gershon Schwartz

I think its wrong to compare SKype with Teleo. Skype is based on sharring technology and thus is "inherently " more vulnerable to hacker attack. Yes I know you guys are saying no no no but mark my words Skype will fall apart for one of two reasons.
1) Hackers will start attacking the program with all kinds of worms etc
2) Somebody will take them to court due to the file sharing capability which will alow the moving of illegal material over the net.

I have been using Teleo for the last two and a half months and find it absolutely tremendous for VOIP as Neville said above.

Teleo is a serious program for VOIP not a game like many other chatting programs are and you can't beat the price its very cheap, and isn't that what its all about. If the program catches on due its combination of excellent quality and cheap price including a real phone number then its base will widen and it may become a Vonnage killer but not a Skype killer. Skype is for kids . Teleo is for us working guys who need cheap and usable VOIP. I am certainly very satisfied with there service.

PS Neville you can diable the automatic start up using msconfig and disable the programs that it uses if I am not mistaken.

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